metazoa live

Presented by Metazoa
Moderated by Jill Hourani,
VP Marketing and Customer Success

Untold Stories no Longer Untold.

About Deepa and Eric

In a world where Uganda-born women usually don’t dominate the Business and Technology Consulting, Project Management, and Software Sales professions, Deepa has had over thirty years of successful professional growth. All this despite some of the sexism, nepotism, ageism and workplace microaggression she has experienced.

Knowing she is not the only one that has faced these obstacles, Deepa was inspired to create a platform where others could safely and anonymously share their stories without fear of retaliation. Her hope is that having conversations about these issues will create more solutions, and help others remedy their own difficult situations.

When brainstorming ideas and potential partners for the podcast, Deepa could think of none other than Eric Dreshfield as the perfect compliment to be a part of

this passion project. Eric currently serves as Product Marketing Manager at ActiveCampaign, managing its relationship with Salesforce as a company and as a community. Eric has years of experience in business intelligence.

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