Snapshot helps Propel fulfill Medtronic’s humanitarian gesture

“There was a global shortage of ventilators so in a humanitarian gesture, Medtronic published their design for a particular ventilator they were building about 10 years ago


They published on to a website all of their bills of materials, drawings, manufacturing instructions, data sheets for individual components and the worldwide community reacted with some amount of confusion because that was not in a format that was understandable and assessable. Organizing engineering data is exactly what Propel does so we quickly spun up a partner community, imported all of that Medtronic data in a format that was easily understandable and downloadable where users around the world could collaborate on those designs, and I mean quickly. We could not have spun up a community that fast with a complex configuration unless we were using Snapshot”


— Propel PLM VP of Professional Services September Higham


“Snapshot gives us a core toolset to handle a wide range of sandbox instances”