The easiest way to manage Complex Salesforce Orgs

With Snapshot you can forget about code. This powerful platform helps Salesforce professionals conquer complex orgs with easy to use, drag and drop tools.

It has never been easier to manage the change and release process, visualize and reduce complexity, improve security and compliance, and lower the total cost of org ownership.

Metazoa Snapshot is the industry’s most comprehensive toolset for Org Management, Technical Debt Removal, and so much more!

Cleanup and Optimization:

Over 40 reports include Profiles and Permission Sets, Unused Fields and Picklist, Apex Code Coverage, PMD Code Quality, and Forgotten Assets.

Profile Management:

Rapidly Edit User Permission Assignments. Automatically Create Permission Set Groups, Merge Similar Profiles.

Security and Compliance:

Archive Metadata for Disaster Recovery, Track Changes Over Time, enforce Code Quality and Document your org with Data Dictionary.

Data Migration:

Backup and Restore Org Data, Migrate Related Data, Populate Sandbox Field Values. Prebuilt Templates for CPQ and FSL.

Continuous Integration:

Connect and Synchronize any Saleforce org, Content Repository, Project Folder, Trigger Integration by differences for DevOps.

September Higham

VP of Professional Services,

Propel PLM

“We provide fixed-price services to our customers, so the faster we can do our work, the more profitable we are. We have saved literally tens of thousands of dollars in consultant time since we purchased Snapshot!

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