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It’s a solution that puts your orgs on a solid foundation, protecting you against future problems.

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Cleanup & Optimization

Over 40 Reports include profiles and permission sets.

Profile Management

Identify and define user privileges

Security & Compliance

Archive metadata and enforce code quality.

Metadata Comparison

Compare Metadata differences and changes

Backup & Archive

Archive metadata for compliance.

Release Management

Schedule migrations, roll backs, and quick deployments.

Continuous Integration

Connect and synchronize content.

Data Migration

Migrate metadata from sandbox to production.

Your Complete Org Management solution

Disorganized orgs are a major source of frustration for anyone who relies on salesforce to conduct business. Failed customization, experimentation with different apps, and inconsistent org management can lead to misconfigurations, technical debt, and other painful problems. the good news is, metazoa is here to help.

Clean up your chaotic orgs with Metazoa

Our industry-leading solution gives sales-forces customer orgs that run more efficiently and effectively.

With Metazoa, you can:

  • Get technical debt under control
  • Streamline org management and optimisation
  • Improve security and compliance
  • Automate Complex org management processes
  • Save time and money
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Are Your

Salesforce Orgs

a Mess?

Salesforce orgs can become unmanageably complex over time. The complexity might stem from corporate mergers and acquisitions, poor change and release management practices, failed development projects, or disruptive administrative turnover.

cleanup and optimization should become a regular part of your change and release management process.

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    Clicks are better than Codes

    We understand that you have better things to do with your time than learn to write code. with a simple right-click, metazoa helps salesforce professionals schedule backups deploy metadata, export reports and share custom desktops.We also have drag and drop tools that enable you to do things like building highly visual development pipelines and more.

    With Metazoa there is no more code.


    Metazoa is a purpose-driven company.

    we exist to serve our customers and the Salesforce ecosystem at large.this focus is central to our core values:

    • Trust
    • Customer Success
    • Product Excellence
    • Social Equity
    • Transparency
      These aren’t just words we use, they are the compass that guides our decisions and our culture. We bring these values to life in everything we do, and through the way, we connect with our customers, employees, and society at large.

    Clicks not Code

    Schedule automated metadata backups. Analyze configuration changes over time or between orgs. Deploy org metadata. Log and audit org changes over time. Document org configuration for compliance. Identify unused metadata. Define workflows for deployments, reports and much more.

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    Snapshot provides tremendous value in managing our Salesforce customization. The ability to promote changes of both custom and standard object from sand box to our production environment is simply invaluable.

    Patrick Schiffli

    CRM Administrator

    Snapshot allows us to back ups our org, easily move data between the orgs, and keep an audit trail for auditing purposes. The comparison reporting between orgs is a great time saver. Technical support has been out standing. Always professional and responds in a timely manner

    Michael Hedrick

    Application Developer/Analyst

    This tool saved me about 20 hours of rework when I was able to recover my code after a sandbox refresh. I will never miss a backup via snapshot prior to a refresh. I also had an old version and wasn’t able to login for a bit, contacted support and they had me up and running in minutes.

    Becky Bastien


    Use Cases by Industry

    Health & Life Sciences

    Snapshot give us a core toolset to handle a wide range of sandbox instances!


    Schedule migrations, roll backs, and quick deployments.


    Snapshot give us a core toolset to handle a wide range of sandbox instances!

    Financial Services

    Schedule migrations, roll backs, and quick deployments.

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