Forgotten Metadata

Salesforce Orgs can contain forgotten and unused assets. In some cases, the asset is not enabled by any Profile or Permission Set. In other cases, the assets may be marked as Inactive or Hidden. The Metazoa Snapshot Change and Release Management product has a Forgotten Assets Report that allows a Salesforce developer or administrator to identify over 50 types of unused metadata in any Org.

Forgotten Assets Report

Identify Unused Metadata In Your Salesforce Org

Salesforce Orgs can become more and more complex over time. Complexity can result in slow performance, reduced agility, and security problems. A major source of complexity is forgotten assets that are no longer in use. Old projects must be cleaned up to make room for new initiatives, or any Salesforce org can become unhealthy over time.

Our Metazoa Snapshot product has a report that can discover unused assets in any Salesforce Org. The Forgotten Assets report will show each Metadata Type along with an explanation of where the asset is used or why the asset has been forgotten. This report is used by Salesforce administrators to find assets that can be safely deleted from the Org during the next release cycle. Here is a list of common problems that the Forgotten Assets Report can discover:

  • Groups not referenced by Custom Objects or Assignment Rules
  • Roles, Profiles, and Permission Sets with no assigned users
  • Custom Objects and Fields not referenced by other Metadata assets
  • Record Types, Custom Tabs, and Custom Applications that are not visible
  • Web Links not referenced by Page Layouts or Home Page Components
  • Inactive Rules: Workflow, Approval, Assignment, Moderation, Escalation

Here is a full list of the Metadata Types available in the Forgotten Assets Report: Approval Processes, Assignment Rules, Auto Response Rules, Custom Application Components, Custom Applications, Custom Objects, Custom Page Web Links, Custom Sites, Custom Tabs, Data Category Groups, Duplicate Rules, Email Templates, Entitlement Processes, Escalation Rules, Flow Definitions, Flows, Global Value Sets, Groups, Home Page Components, Keyword Lists, Letterheads, Live Chat Buttons, Live Chat Sensitive Data Rules, Matching Rules, Moderation Rules, Page Layouts, Path Assistants, Permission Sets, Portals, Profiles, Queues, Quick Actions, Remote Site Settings, Report Types, Roles, Skills, Transaction Security Policies, and Workflows.

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