The Complete Salesforce Org Management Solution

Deployment Tools

  • Review deployment history and Setup Audit Trail before push.
  • Manage, search, and merge previously used job lists.
  • Select related or different objects, and see detailed differences.
  • Use metadata transforms and cleanup to reduce errors.
  • Set up automated deployments, quick deploy, and account rollback.
  • Document deployment history with custom objects.

Developer Projects

  • Clone developer repositories from Git, SVN, or any other source.
  • Convert Salesforce DX projects into metadata snapshots.
  • Convert free-form folders full of asset files into metadata snapshots.
  • Connect developer projects to sandboxes and production orgs.
  • Everything can be automated.

Continuous Integration

  • Set up continuous integration between any Salesforce Org, content repository, or project folder.
  • Trigger integration by metadata differences or recent deployments.
  • Connect to content repositories including Git, Github, Bitbucket, SVN, or TFS.
  • Store developer projects in Metadata API or Salesforce DX format.

Dataset Migration

  • Create datasets with parent and child objects.
  • Import CSV files from Excel, SAP, Oracle, etc.
  • Match destination objects with multiple fields.
  • Scramble fields with sensitive or private info.
  • Remap objects and fields to destination schema.
  • Relationships remain connected after migration.
  • Uses the Bulk API to support massive datasets.

Visual Layouts

  • Layout reinforces logical structure of accounts and metadata flow.
  • Create items for developer projects, sandboxes and production accounts.
  • Take metadata snapshots to view and report on any of the items.
  • Connect items with deployment arrows to compare or move metadata.
  • Connect items with continuous integration arrows to deploy changes.

Data Usage Reports

  • Field Usage – shows most and least popular data values.
  • Picklist Usage – shows most and least popular picklist values.
  • Last Activity Date – find stale reports, dashboards, and email templates.
  • Apex Code Coverage – view coverage metrics across Apex Classes and Triggers.
  • Branded reports are in CSV, HTML or PDF format and can be automatically saved in content repos or sent to administrators.

Security Reports

  • Record Level Security – see all user access to any set of objects.
  • User Activity Timeline – see all user activity in account over time.
  • Security Health Check – monitor org for security and compliance.
  • Profiles and Permission Sets – view combine profile + permission sets.
  • Branded reports in CSV, HTML or PDF format and can be automatically saved in content repos or sent to administrators.

Branded Reports

  • Include a branded logo and description on any HTML or PDF report
  • Show a custom image logo with a link along with other company information
  • System Integrators can brand reports for the customers
  • Salesforce Administrators can brand reports for their company