The Quarterly Snapshot #4

Newsletter – Issue 4 – August 2020

Phew… What. A. Year.

A lot has happened since our last newsletter. An international pandemic, global protests over racial injustice, murder hornets— and it’s only August. As much as some part of us wants to go back to normal (when did kids jumping on the couch behind us on Zoom stop being funny?), we prefer to look at the positives. Perhaps nobody put it better than Leslie Dwight in her poem that went viral last month:

“What if 2020 is the year we’ve been waiting for? ⁣A year so uncomfortable, so painful, so scary, so raw — that it finally forces us to grow,” the poem reads. “⁣A year that screams so loud, finally awakening us from our ignorant slumber.⁣ A year we finally accept the need for change.⁣ Declare change. Work for change. Become the change. […] 2020 isn’t cancelled, but rather the most important year of them all.”

So while we do miss our in-person office shenanigans, we don’t want to go back to normal. Because normal wasn’t working.

We have started long overdue conversations about how we as a company can better support our BIPOC clients and their allies. In order to address the inequalities in our own ecosystem, Metazoa is sponsoring a podcast that will allow for professionals to anonymously come forward and talk about their experiences with discrimination in the workplace.

In addition, our leadership is also taking an active role in Pep-Up Tech, both through mentorship and sponsorship. We will continue to support them as we look to expand our philanthropic efforts to empower BIPOC communities.

Of course, this is only the beginning. We will continue to educate ourselves on the inequalities and injustices people face every day, and we will strive to do better by them.

I hope you will join us in radically changing our community for the better. Let 2020 be the year you dare to change the world.

Jennifer Mercer- CEO

Upcoming Events

We are really excited to be involved in these upcoming events! Click on the links below to register for each!

Aug 13thDes Moines Admin User Group

Aug 18thBirmingham Alabama Admin User Group

Aug 20thEvansville, IN Admin User Group

September 8th – Philly User Group

September 9th10th SaaS North

September 14thNortheast Dreamin

September 30thOct 1stAscent Conference

Past Events

We have been heavily involved in virtual events. Although we miss everyone’s faces, it’s really nice to take part in events that have worldwide participation. Here are some to highlight:

May 5th – TIMIA Capital WebinarBuilding your SaaS on Customer Cash with Jennifer Mercer

May 16th & 17th – Virtual DreaminPanel Session – Cutting Costs without Compromising Quality, Productivity, and Security with Jennifer Mercer, Leyna Hoffer, September Higham and panel moderator, Jill Hourani

May 20th – Indianapolis User group – Optimize Profiles and Tackle Technical Debt with Tom Appleton

June 15th – TrailheaDX Panel SessionAsk the Experts: How to be Successful with AppExchange with Jennifer Mercer

June 18th – Kansas City User GroupOptimize Profiles and Tackle Technical Debt with Tom Appleton

June 19th – AppXchange HourUse Case: How our Customer uses Snapshot to Manage Profiles and Permission Sets with Tom Appleton.

July 30thXplenty panel session with Bill Appleton

VIP Spotlight


Meet our VIP and friend, Shonnah Hughes. Besides being a Global Product Growth & Innovation Evangelist for GetFeedback, she is a Salesforce MVP, Salesforce Lightning Champion, Salesforce Trailblazers for the Future and Equality Award Winner. She has even signed the White House workforce pledge with Marc Benioff.

If you ask Shonnah Hughes for one interesting fact about her, she has a long list ready to go.

Meet Shonnah Hughes

She could tell you about her corn detasseling job when she was 13, or that her dream job is to be a fashion designer. She could talk about how one of her art pieces is a fixture in the community where she grew up, or about the time she was struck by lightning. But if you really want to know what makes Hughes unique, you have to go back to her roots in Minnesota.

Learn more about Shonnah

Check out this Amazing New Feature!

User Connection Cleanup

Did you know that Inactive Users can still be connected to many important systems in your Salesforce Org? Now Snapshot’s new report, User Connection Cleanup, shows over 50 places that inactive users can be hiding. You can also clean up your Inactive Users with ease! The cleanup operation will replace inactive User Names, User Ids, and User Emails with an Active User that you select.

More New Features you Should Know About

At Metazoa, we are always striving to enhance Snapshot with new features and capabilities requested by our customers. Here are some recent new features and feature enhancements that you will love.

Major enhancement to assist large Orgs:

  • Better asset grouping (chunking) capability to capture metadata for large Orgs
  • Continuous Integration features expanded to automatically detect and use asset groups.
  • Search Palette includes standard fields used across the Org
  • Fuzzy search to include format variations for standard and custom fields
  • Increased search formatting with sorting options to view and export search results
  • Export to Excel with enhanced worksheets management to suit metadata analysis requirements
  • Rewrote Apex Code Coverage and Apex Code Quality reports to handle large code deployments

Expanded Profile capture to include standard and undiscovered objects

Enhanced Profile merge to handle unknown permissions

Better deployment for Flows to handle latest and active versions

Multi-level Controlling vs Dependent fields to identify hierarchical fields and uncontrolled values

Renewed focus on Git flavors:

    • Connect through SSH
    • Better branching and metadata restoration capabilities

Enhanced data migration

    • Better limits on child and “down the hierarchy” objects
    • Enhanced handling of standard junction objects
    • Improved polymorphic fields handling to assist Org migrations
    • Upgraded Task data migrations to include archived records
    • Handle Duplicate Rules and restricted picklists to be deactivated before data migration

Did You Know?

Snapshot has so many amazing features that we wanted to make sure you know about some of our fan favorites, so each quarter, we will highlight one or two features in the “Did you Know” section of our newsletter.


Did you know that you can get Snapshot to auto-add all your relevant Profile sections to your job list elements automatically?

In a typical scenario where you add metadata assets to your job list, after adding all the assets, you would spend a bunch of time to add relevant Object Permissions, Field Permissions, Record Type Visibility, Tab Visibility etc. This tedious work can be sped up using the “Add * Profiles” feature in the job list. Just right click on the job list after adding all your metadata assets and choose one of the “Add * Profiles” to automatically add all the relevant Profile section. The example below shows the “Add My Profile” add all the relevant pieces of the Admin profile for the Account object to the job list automatically.

Webinar Series: Snapshot for Awesome Admins – Path to a Clean and Secure Org

We are doing a webinar series where we will be focusing on cleaning and optimizing your Salesforce org. Click on the title links to RSVP. All of them will run at 10:00 a.m. pacific time.You don’t want to miss these informative webinars.

8/25/2020 – Managing Profiles and Permission Sets with Snapshot:

In this webinar, we will show you how you can use Snapshot to manage your profiles and permission sets and optimize your Salesforce security model. Topics include:
Documenting profiles and permission sets for administrator reference and compliance,
performing mass edits of profiles and permission sets to rapidly deploy security changes, visualizing security by user to tackle security issues, and automatically merging similar profiles and performing user assignments.

9/22/2020Eliminate technical debt and optimize your Salesforce Org with Snapshot:

In this webinar we will show you how you can use Snapshot to identify and eliminate technical debt and unused metadata from your Salesforce Orgs.Topics include: Using Snapshot reporting to identify any unused metadata in your Org including fields, groups roles, email templates, queues and more, and leveraging Snapshot’s deployment tools to rapidly delete unused metadata and save a backup for rollback or disaster recovery

10/13/2020Identify user related technical debt and optimize usage:

In this webinar, we will show you how you can use Snapshot to identify inactive users and their connections to your metadata and data. Topics include: Identify inactive users and their usage in your Org’s metadata – queues, email alerts, dashboards – causing unintended consequences, and leveraging Snapshot to manage/ replace/ delete these unexpected connections to achieve better data integrity and security

11/3/2020Migrating related data between Salesforce Orgs with Snapshot:

In this webinar, we will show you how you can use Snapshot to migrate data while maintaining complex relationships across and within objects. Topics include:
Identify relationships across multiple objects to build and download complex hierarchical datasets, migrate data and retain data relationships within and across objects, scramble sensitive fields to satisfy compliance data requirements, and remap objects and fields to assist Org migration needs.

12/1/2020Leveraging Snapshot’s User Stories to manage your Salesforce Org:

In this webinar, we will show you how you can use Snapshot to manage tasks and resources throughout your application development lifecycle using Snapshot’s User Stories feature-set. Topics include:
Defining sprints, user stories and tasks, identify development collisions and merge/ resolve conflicts, and deploy a cohesive deployment package with full and partial rollback capabilities.


What’s Happening at Metazoa?

We are thrilled to introduce you to a couple of new faces. Maila Ruggiero started with us in May as our Event Marketing Intern. Maila is a college student at California Polytechnic State University. Anjana Melvin started with us in July as our Content Marketing Associate. Ironically, Anjana recently graduated from California Polytechnic State University. We also had a role change. We are super excited to have Shacarria Scott move into the role of Customer Success Representative.

Maila Ruggiero

Anjana Melvin

Shacarria Scott

The Quarterly Snapshot Dreamforce Edition

Newsletter – Issue 3- October 2019

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning, the weather is (finally) cooling down, and excitement is in the air. Of course, I’m referring to Dreamforce. Just take a look at twitter- the buzz is all around. We’re no exception here at Metazoa.

Dreamforce is more than just a conference. It’s a gathering of like-minded individuals, eager to learn, share, and connect. It’s a chance to visit with all of our friends, users, and VIP’s (you know who you are)…and of course to make a whole lot of new friends during those four crazy days. Are you ready for it? I know we are!

Jennifer Mercer – CEO

We are looking forward to attending Dreamforce this year!
Meet us in the Trailhead area where we will tell you why we are the #1 Salesforce Org Management solution!

Come by and get our adorable, coveted, Woolly Plushie when you get a demo! And, we have some pretty amazing stickers too!

Stop by to say hi and learn more about Snapshot!

Dreamforce 2019 Karaoke for a Cause

PepUpTech is back for the third year in a row with Karaoke for a Cause and Metazoa is proudly sponsoring!

Your ticket purchase includes drinks, food, amazing company, lots of fun and will help PepUp Tech support tech training programs for underrepresented children and adults across the United States. Help us make a difference and have fun while doing it!

This event will sell out quickly so don’t delay! See you there!


Mon, Nov 18th 2019 at 7:30 PM PDT


Mon, Nov 18th 2019 at 11:30 PM PDT

50 Mason Street in San Francisco

VIP Spotlight

Meet our VIP and friend, Leyna Hoffer! Besides being a Senior Manager of Salesforce Operations at A-LIGN, she has also been a Content Manager for Midwest Dreamin’ in 2014 and 2015, a co-leader of the Twin Cities User Group for nine years, a presenter at Dreamforce for the past eight years, and holder of six Salesforce certifications and a nine-time Salesforce MVP!

Meet Leyna Hoffer

When asked how she got involved in Salesforce, Hoffer answered, “I kind of fell into it. In 2002, I was working for Silicon Graphics (SGI), a supercomputer company, as a database coordinator,” she relates. “When the decision to purchase Salesforce as their CRM was made, they needed someone to take on the administration. They asked me if I was willing to learn, and of course, I said, ‘sure.’”

Snapshot Feature Update

At Metazoa, we are always striving to enhance Snapshot with new features and capabilities requested by our customers. Here are some recent new features and feature enhancements that you will love.

OAuth Support : Snapshot now supports OAuth endpoints. This means you can completely rely on or mix-match with your SSO setup with Salesforce authentication while using Snapshot.

Expanded Large Org Backups : Take Snapshot (metadata backup) process has been completely rewritten to expand footprint as well as improve backup performance. Translation: Backup more in less time.

Snapshot Notes: Annotate metadata across Orgs using Snapshot Notes. Annotations are displayed in various interfaces across the product including View Assets, Deploy Assets, Data Dictionary etc.

Winter ’20 support: Snapshot supports Winter ’20. Go to town with your Timed Flows!

Trim Tables: Focus on exactly what you are looking for using Trim Tables in View Profiles, Compare Profiles. These extend to Permission Set views as well.

Persistent Asset Filters in Deploy Metadata: Quickly Hide/ Show/ Select metadata using various filter mechanism. Think “Hide all identical metadata” or “Select Page Layouts modified by Jake that are older than than the destination”.

Features Coming Soon

Profile optimizations: Merge Profiles to generate a base set of Profiles and appropriate Permission Sets with optional user reassignments.

Data migration templates: Pre-built data templates for migrating CPQ, Marketing Cloud etc data.

Did you know?

Snapshot has so many amazing features that we wanted to make sure you know about some of our fan favorites, so each quarter, we will highlight one or two features in the “Did you Know” section of our newsletter.

Did you know about our Forgotten Assets Report ?

Org Optimization feature set is designed to help you identify unused and underused metadata assets in your Org. One of the prime facets of the Org Optimization feature sets in Snapshot is the Forgotten Assets Report. The Forgotten Assets report works like Salesforce Optimizer but without any size and number restrictions. In other words, it can analyze Org metadata like Email Templates, Groups, Roles, Queues, Profiles, Permission Sets, etc. and identify disconnected or unused metadata.

Using the Forgotten Assets report, you can:

  • Identify ignored or forgotten metadata to revive or clean up
  • Generate a job list of metadata to cleanse from your Org
  • Send automated, scheduled notifications to initiate aided Org optimization phases

Cleaning up Salesforce Before you Move to Lightning

Last month we hosted a very popular webinar called “Cleaning up Salesforce Before you Move to Lightning.” We had Yelena Slobard, from, co-host with us, and it was a hit! Here is a summary of the webinar and to learn more, you can watch the replay

Highlights of the webinar:

With Winter ’20 release upon us, many users will be facing Lightning for the first time. To help your users transition happily to Lightning, it is important to first look at some of the possible items that can cause a slow down in the system. Using Snapshot will ensure that you don’t have too many fields on a Page Layout, as the more fields on the page, the slower Lightning is going to go.

  • We walked through the process of sorting through a single object’s fields and the number of times they are filled in.
  • We examined if a field is on a page layout and combined it with the frequency of population of those fields.
  • Lena Demonstrated how Snapshot is used to determine if a field is used somewhere else in the system so that you can feel safe with your decision to delete it.
  • We explored other ways how Snapshot can help you optimize your org

VIP Showcase - Meet Leyna Hoffer

For this episode of our VIP Spotlight, we talk to Leyna Hoffer. She is Senior Manager of Salesforce Operations at A-LIGN, a licensed CPA firm, QSAC, Accredited ISO 27001 Certification Body, HITRUST CSFAssessor, and Accredited FedRAMP 3PAO specialized in providing a full suite of cybersecurity, cyberrisk, privacy and compliance solutions. To learn more, visit

In a career arc that is not at all unusual, Hoffer didn’t wake up one day and decide to build her career around Salesforce. Instead, she pulled the old “sure, I’ll volunteer for that” trick.

“I kind of fell into it. In 2002, I was working for Silicon Graphics (SGI), a supercomputer company, as a database coordinator,” she relates. “When the decision to purchase Salesforce as their CRM was made, they needed someone to take on the administration. They asked me if I was willing to learn, and of course, I said, ‘sure.’”

Not surprisingly, Hoffer delved deeper and deeper into the nooks and crannies of Salesforce as her career developed. She’s now well established in the Salesforce world, including serving as the Content Manager for Midwest Dreamin’ in 2014 and 2015, a co-leader of the Twin Cities User Group for nine years, a presenter at Dreamforce for the past eight years, and holder of six Salesforce certifications and a nine-time Salesforce MVP.

After holding CRM-related leadership positions at IDeaS, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Merrill, Chamilia, and Magnet 360, she joined Edmentum over six years ago and until October of 2019 was managing their Salesforce application and add-ons.

And Metazoa’s Snapshot is one of the most important add-ons.

Early in her career — while at IDeaS — she saw a Snapshot demo. She was impressed.  So impressed that, even though the company couldn’t fit it into their budget, the possibilities of using Snapshot to supplement Salesforce stuck with her. Several years down the road, when Metazoa offered a free trial, Hoffer was an enthusiastic yes.

“Remembering how awesome the functionality was, I jumped at the chance,” she recalls. “After using Snapshot for a few weeks, I was sold and was able to purchase the tool for my team’s use at Edmentum. It has now become an essential tool for documenting their Salesforce metadata.”

The capability of Snapshot to do the dirty work and get the job done appeals to Hoffer’s personality and background.

Leyna is a big fan of the late Randy Pausch, an academic who specialized in technology and — when diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer — delivered a presentation entitled “The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams” and went onto to write The Last Lecture. Both concerned his positive approach to life and death.

Her favorite quote of his is one of his simplest: “Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore?” Basically, do you embrace what’s in front of you with good grace and enthusiasm or with premonitions of failure?

Some of this might relate to Hoffer’s first job, her extremely unglamorous teenage gig being a Dairy Queen carhop in Winner, South Dakota. Though she didn’t have to do so on roller skates like the waitresses in American Graffiti, she did spend three summers taking orders and returning to latch a tray of fast food onto a vehicle’s rolled-down window.

Another favorite Pausch quote: “No job is beneath you. You ought to be thrilled you got a job in the mailroom. And when you get there, here’s what you do: Be really great at sorting mail.”

She uses Snapshot to complete the nitty-gritty tasks that keep a sprawling Salesforce system up and running.

“Edmentum’s Salesforce org was created in 2007. My belief is that you must be continuously staying on top of your technical debt — and with a legacy org, there’s plenty of it! I’ve implemented ‘Operation Audit,’ which is a project where we create a full Data Dictionary on each object in our org at least once a year and analyze what fields, picklist values, record types, page layouts, etc., are no longer being used and can be deprecated,” Hoffer explains. “We also ensure that each field has a Description and/or Help Text. And finally, we determine which objects need optimization, enhancement, or deletion.”

By integrating Snapshot into this core housekeeping effort, Hoffer has been able to save an untold amount of work for her staff and increase the power of the data she can collect.

“This was a mostly manual effort prior to discovering Snapshot. We would use some of the free tools from the AppExchange to assist us — however, none of the tools that we had come across were able to do it all, so we found ourselves spending a lot of time piecing together information from various tools to get a true picture of each Salesforce object,” Hoffer continues. “Snapshot has allowed us to automate a large portion of the Data Dictionary creation and analysis […] it has saved us numerous hours. Days worth of work is being saved per object — it’s probably weeks or even months over the course of a year. The Data Dictionary for an object could take 15 to 20 hours the way we were doing it before. Using Snapshot, it now takes about 5 to 6 hours.”

It should be noted that Hoffer is not all work and no play. She’s an avid traveler — proud of having 37 states and 7 countries crossed off her list — with the other 13 states and Spain, Australia, and New Zealand on her immediate bucket list. And wherever she goes — so goes as a diehard Minnesota Vikings fan.

She’s also an active supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association, American Heart Association, and the Spina Bifida Association.

Metazoa is lucky to have Leyna as a VIP! She is one in a million!

the quarterly snapshot

Newsletter – Issue 2 – May 2019

I really think things are going to slow down a bit after this. Right?

Famous last words? Well, hey if we weren’t up for a crazy ride, we wouldn’t be in a startup! “Things” didn’t slow down and it doesn’t look like they will in any near future.

Even amid the chaos, we realized the importance of taking a step back and evaluating what drives our company and our culture? We realized hands down, it’s our customers — the admins and developers who are an essential part of our product development. You come first in our book. And we love to hear from you! What drives you?

Hope to see you all at TDX!
Jennifer Mercer – CEO

The Metazoa team is thrilled to participate in the Salesforce Accelerate Program.

The Accelerate Program is designed to provide mentorship, support, and exposure to Salesforce experts and their close-knit ecosystem.

Metazoa is among 11 other amazing Salesforce ISV partners in the 5th Accelerate program where companies are voted on by a committee of Salesforce professionals after the application process is complete.

We are humbled that we were selected to be part of this program and so excited to take part in all it has to offer.

Salesforce Accelerate is led by a network of subject matter experts with extensive experience both within the Salesforce and startup communities.

After three months of learning from the best and aligning with the Salesforce excellence, we will graduate from the program and make way for a new batch of incredible partners to take part.

Salesforce Accelerate, previously known as The Salesforce Incubator, has already successfully graduated 42 companies.

Learn more about the program

VIP Spotlight

Our VIP Program has some of the brightest minds of Salesforce power users. We love getting to know our VIP’s on a personal level too.

Meet Metazoa VIP
Yelena (Lena) Slobard

Lena is 4 x Salesforce certified. She has a deep understanding of Salesforce which she also shares in her blog, SF9to5 and her guest blogs on

Lena has a background in Information systems, health informatics, art and a fun passion for all things Disney, especially Harry Potter.

Read about Lena and get to know and love her as much as Metazoa does.

Learn about Lena

New Snapshot Features Webinar

At Metazoa, we are always striving to enhance Snapshot with new features and capabilities requested by our customers. Please join us for our Summer release webinar where we will highlight some of the powerful new capabilities we have added to Snapshot and show you why it is the only end-to-end Org management solution for Salesforce. Some of the new features we will be highlighting include:

Snapshot permissions: Enforce permissions on a user by Org or Enterprise wide basis as configured by the super admin.

Apex Code quality gateway: Code Quality Gateway to evaluate and measure the quality of Apex and Lightning code before allowing production deployment.

Collaborative snapshots and workspaces: Share metadata backups and deployments pipelines across the enterprise as designed by the super admin.

Improved DX support: Full support for creating unlocked packages using DX.

Enhanced Data Dictionary: Display metadata and data usage in a single view.

Streamlined Profiles and Permission Set comparison view: Visualize  and export differences at a high-level or in drill down mode.

Enhanced Deploy Assets view:  Quickly find/ select/ show/ hide assets via filter.

Webinar Information:

When: June 5th at 1 PM EST (10 AM PST)

Register Now

Funding Announcement

We are excited to announce that we recently took $2M of debt financing from TIMIA Capital.

We plan to use the funds strategically to grow our sales and customer success teams in support of a continually increasing product demand and expanding customer base.

Metazoa is Sponsoring the PepUpTech Party at TDX!

Join us for food, drinks, music, and networking in support of a great cause during TrailheaDX 2019. If you are a Salesforce Professional, don’t miss this opportunity to network with the extended Ohana! If you are a hiring manager here is your opportunity to meet with a new generation of Salesforce talent!

See you there!

Get Your Tickets

Welcome to the Team!

We are excited to introduce these two new additions to our team. Meet our new Marketing Intern, Shacarria Scott who is a PepUPTech graduate and our new Sales Development Representative, Noel Guzman. Both are eager to jump into their new role and be part of our Metazoa family.

Shacarria Scott

Noel Guzman


We hope to see you at these upcoming events!

Midwest Dreamin’
Northeast Dreamin’

Stop by our booth at TDX for a limited edition
#WhereIsMetazoaWoolly Sticker!

VIP Showcase - Meet Yelena Slobard

Our VIP program is made up of smart people who are Salesforce power users from whom we get valuable technical feedback. One is Yelena (Lena) Slobard who is Salesforce certified as an Administrator, CPQ Specialist, Platform App Builder, and Platform Developer. Over her career, she has transitioned from a Salesforce end-user to a Salesforce Business Analyst/Consultant at her current company, SNAP Business Intelligence.

What keeps her going? Well, there’s coffee, which she says she’d do with an IV drip if she wasn’t afraid of needles! A bucket list that includes visiting every Disney theme park in the world. A full-on adult embrace of all things Harry Potter and commitment to her Hufflepuff nature.

She loves her current position at SNAP, which involves integrating Salesforce in a wide variety of client projects—CPQ, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, lightning migration. And she’s not allergic to anything tech related. She was not so lucky with her first teen job, where the stuffing station at Build-A-Bear proved too much for her immune system to cope with.

She found Salesforce a lot easier to embrace.

“I actually studied information systems and went a funny route. I was a security analyst (phishing) and did phishing awareness training and then that somehow led to Salesforce,” she explains. “And I was like ‘ahhhh because it’s a database to me. It didn’t matter about all the frontend fancy stuff—to me it was a database and it made sense in my head.”

Not exactly what you’d expect from someone who started college as an art major, but there you have it. Then there’s the graduate certificate in health informatics. “My parents are both doctors, so I also have a random knowledge set.”

As far as Snapshot goes, the comparison tools are her bread and butter tackling her biggest pain points. Lena elaborates, “One of the biggest pain points that I deal with is discrepancies between systems, different sandboxes, people doing different things. Even production, because we have people that go and build directly to production, that one hurts me. I am very stringent,” Lena explains. “Do it in a sandbox first then you do it in production, even if it feels like a waste of time. People look at me like I’m crazy, and they say ‘I’m just adding a validation’ and I say ‘yes, but your validation can break everything!!’”

Her transition from power user to consultant has even led her to a blogging career on the side. She writes weekly about all-things Salesforce on her own blog, SF9to5 and as a guest at Salesforce Ben.

“The blog actually started because I always do a lot of research to find answers to things and I was going to six or seven places to get the answer for one thing,” she explains. “I was like ‘well, I want to write this down somewhere to keep track of it’ so I came up with this—under the assumption that no one was going to read it!”

Her research provides her with blog topics that come to her naturally as part of her job and typically cover mini-challenges, product reviews, CPQ, and other Salesforce insights and best practices. That’s how she found Snapshot, researching tools to help solve a problem.

With Snapshot, she can break down information for clients in ways that are digestible.

“I basically provide information to the client. Like, ‘here is the list of fields that aren’t on any page layouts, or they are barely used at all, why do you have them?’” she explains. “You have over 200 custom fields on this one object! WHY? If you have too many fields on your page layout and you flip over to lightning, you are going to make the system slow!”

It’s because of her deep understanding of Salesforce — and the wide variety of clients she works with — that we reached out to Yelena and asked if she’d be one of our VIPs. And when asked, “what do you love most about Snapshot and Metazoa?” Lena answers, “The people. I love you guys! I love the support I get.”

Metazoa loves you too, Lena!

the quarterly snapshot

Newsletter – Issue 1 – February 2019

What a Year of Focus Looks Like

And … that’s a wrap! Our first year as Metazoa is complete. Our company kick-off is this week — so, as we gear up for FY20, I’m reflecting on our first year as Metazoa. First, a big thank you to the core team from the original Snapshot who transitioned with me to Metazoa. Thanks to them we met and surpassed our goals.

The team that migrated from DreamFactory brought 13 years of learning and experience with them. This allowed us to hit the ground running in creating a new business and brand new, much-improved Snapshot!

It’s mind-boggling to think about where we were just a year ago. A startup is filled with a gamut of emotions — excitement, vitality, stress, exhaustion. However, we’re ending our wild first year and embarking on our second with elation!

Here are a few key accomplishments we’ve crossed off the To Do List:

  • 98% renewal rate
  • Landed over 60% of Fortune 500 companies
  • 120% increase in revenue
  • Rolled out over 24 key product releases
  • Sponsored over 12 community events
  • Established our SI Partner Program
  • Established our VIP Referral Program

I’m excited about what 2019 has in store. This will include catching our breath, taking stock of wins and losses, looking at what we learned in year one, and strategizing for year two.

I want to thank all of our customers, partners, VIPs — the entire, awesome Salesforce community — for embracing Metazoa in its first year of operation.

Jennifer Mercer – CEO

Customer Highlight

A Talk With Leyna Hoffer

One of the exciting clients Metazoa added in 2018 is Edmentum, a leading education-tech company that works with over 8,000 school districts in the United States. We got a chance to talk to the company’s CRM Success Manager Leyna Hoffer about how she uses Snapshot to manage Edmentum’s Salesforce database — which includes over 350,000 accounts and “a couple million contacts.”

Leyna is a longtime Salesforce user (an MVP since 2010) and led the Twin Cities Salesforce User Group from 2008 to 2015. She’s also been a Salesforce Admin/Manager at Chamilia, Merrill Corporation, BlueCross BlueShield of Minnesota, IDeaS, and SGI.

“What I like most about Snapshot is that even though it has a lot of really great functionality to check Apex Code Coverage and schedule test classes, it also has functionality that the everyday admin needs,” she told us in an interview. “And it’s not overwhelming for a System Administrator to use!”

Would you like to be our next Customer Highlight? Contact

Roadmap for the New Year

Our first year as Metazoa, our team focused solely on Snapshot and the AppExchange. The core team behind the original Snapshot set out to build the ultimate Admin toolkit. We released the new and improved version to allow Salesforce Admins and developers the ability to manage complex Orgs and ultimately cut the total cost of ownership by 38%.

Year one of Metazoa saw significant Snapshot feature releases, including Metadata Deployment, Change and Release Management, Continuous Integration, Compliance and Security Reports, Data Migration, and Workflow Automation. This combination of powerful tools creates a complete end-to-end org management solution.

Looking forward to 2019 — and after our recent release of Apex Code Quality Analysis reports — we’ll be rolling out:

  • An Apex Code Quality Gateway
  • A Visualforce Test Automation system
  • Command Line Interface
  • OAuth Credential Support
  • Super Admin Permissions
  • ALM Products Integrations

We will continue to listen and work closely with our users, Strategic Partners and VIPs to continue to add many more customer-driven features to Snapshot in 2019!

New Snapshot Features

In keeping with our goal to make Snapshot the ultimate tool for Salesforce administrators and developers, we have been listening to you. Because of the feedback, we have added a bunch of amazing new features, including:

  • Continuous Integration: Connect and synchronize any Salesforce Org or code repository. Trigger integration by metadata differences or deployments.
  • Data Migration: Migrate datasets between Salesforce Orgs, maintain relationships, import/export from external sources via CSV, and utilize flexible data mapping.
  • Code Quality Deployment Gateway: Identify common programming flaws in any Apex and Lightning components. Set up a Code Quality Gateway to prevent selected programming problems from being deployed to any Org.
  • Snapshot User Permissions: Enforce super admin defined deployment permissions on Snapshot users or Orgs.
  • Org Clean-up and Optimization Reports: Identify unused metadata like email templates, reports and groups then export a report for easy Org optimization.

If you are a customer, be sure you are getting the full value of all of the powerful features that Snapshot has to offer by scheduling your free training.

Deciding if Snapshot is right for you? Schedule a demo to learn more.

Putting our Values into Action

One of our core values is a commitment to being a good corporate citizen. We are dedicated to the Salesforce Foundation’s mission and its 1-1-1 model of integrated philanthropy. We are proud to be an active participant in the Pledge 1% program and we strive to make a positive impact on the greater good.

Our first Pledge 1% partner is PepUp Tech, a non-profit that works to support students from underserved areas with access to — and mentors in — the tech industry. The effort of PepUp Tech is both to provide economic opportunities for deserving youth and to diversify the industry moving forward. We are excited to help by providing access to our product for training purposes, which gives students the opportunity to learn about managing a Salesforce Org. We are also in the process of interviewing students for an intern position at Metazoa.

Customer Success

One of our most important initiatives this year is customer success. We strive to make sure every customer has a great experience with us and with Snapshot. We want you to have the best Change and Release Management application and the best team behind it that you can imagine. Our goal is to support your success … and maybe even your bottom-line happiness for the year (hey, we’re really motivated over here).

How are we going to do that?

To start, we will be reaching out to customers to partner in our evaluation process. Surveying is how we can develop some solid data about what we are doing right, and what we can improve on.

Take our survey

If you are a customer, we would love for you to participate in our survey.

It’s super important for us to get your feedback so we can focus on your needs.

VIP Program

As part of our first year, Metazoa rolled out a VIP program. It’s designed to invite top Salesforce admins and developers — and other power users — to test Snapshot features and incorporate our product into their own Salesforce infrastructure.

Here’s how it works

Each member of the program receives a free single-user Snapshot 2.0 license, along with premium support, training, and direct access to our engineering team.

In return, each VIP provides us with valuable technical feedback and, hopefully, find themselves moved to share some “product evangelism” out there in the real world.

Each VIP is encouraged to get involved with joint activities, such as guest blogs, AppExchange product reviews, webinar appearances, social media interactions, and more. We love our VIPs and look forward to adding a few more members to the team this year!

Pictured to the right (with me) are a couple of our VIPs (MVP, Dale Ziegler and MVP, Leyna Hoffman).

Interested in becoming a Metazoa VIP? Contact Jill Hourani ( for more information.

We Moved!

Metazoa has relocated to beautiful downtown Los Gatos, CA! We are loving our new location. Come and say hi when you are in the Bay Area.


in 2018, Metazoa participated in several events
including, two booths at Dreamforce, Midwest Dreamin’,
Northeast Dreamin’, Florida Dreamin’ and many
Salesforce User Groups. Our mascot, Woolly is always
with us on our limited edition stickers! come see us at
our events and collect them all 🙂

we are excited to participate in the following event in

Meet Metazoa Woolly


Woolly was born to spread friendship and communication with the Trailhead gang over at Salesforce. We felt they needed a buddy from Team Metazoa, a facilitator who could lead the charge to integrate mascot operations (since our companies are so intertwined in the real world).

We can’t divulge just how closely we’re working with the “de-extinction” team over at Harvard — they got ahold of some of Woolly’s distant cousin’s DNA in Siberia and are now hoping to create a “mammophant” by 2020. Lots of non-disclosure agreements and all that, since the legal teams have the Jurassic Park jitters, you know?

But let’s just say we’ve all spent some quality time in the laboratory tinkering and creating. We’re all part of one big inclusive Proboscidean family, especially since our Woolly is actually a mastodon (smaller, more cuddly, but with the same swell disposition as any self-respecting mammoth).

We put on our lab coats because we knew we needed a buddy mastodon — one always sporting a smile between his tusks — who would be ready to blaze new trails with the Trailhead gang whenever it was time to hit the road. An evangelist for our #AwesomeAdmin pals and an official mascot go-between who could spread some fun and ensure that everyone’s happy and on the same page.

Anywhere Salesforce — and their mascots — go you’ll be sure that Metazoa and Woolly will be there too. With swag! (Stickers are always in Woolly’s suitcase. And maybe more? We keep our laboratory team pretty busy.)

Follow Woolly on Twitter so you can remain “in the know” about happenings at Team Metazoa, especially whenever we’re hitting the road

Midwest Dreamin’ 2018 - Recap from a Newbie

Last week was my first time in Chicago (minus many layovers in the airport).  My colleagues and I were attending the Midwest Dreamin’ at the Palmer House Hilton right in the beautiful Theatre District and close enough to Cloud Gate “The Bean” for me to get a selfie.

My selfie at “The Bean”

The day before Midwest Dreamin’ started was the very first Salesforce ISV Partner Summit which we also attended. Since this was their first, we had no idea what to expect, but we were hoping we would get a lot of knowledge on leveraging the partnership and get some useful tips and tricks. We quickly realized during the first panel called “Partner Readiness” that we would not be disappointed.  We learned things like the importance of developing a strategy, the day in the life of an AE and SE, how to leverage templates, knowing your audience, tightening up messaging to be concise and clear and having your “face in the place.”

One of the special takeaways was learning about Pep Up Tech.  Pep Up Tech was founded in 2016 by some pretty awesome Salesforce Trailblazers that saw the need to bring technology programs to underserved students.  Their initiative has benefited thousands of young people with programs that include a Salesforce Bootcamp.  It was great to see Salesforce embracing this and a true partner in their quest.

Now a recap of Midwest Dreamin’ from my perspective.

This was my first time at Midwest Dreamin’ and our first time as Metazoa.  We were a company called DreamFactory before we spun off and rebranded as Metazoa with the same product called Snapshot. With the rebranding, we also rebuilt Snapshot and now call it Snapshot 2.0.  As DreamFactory, we had participated in this event at least once, and in fact, one of our team members had been there before.

Tom and Sridhar at the booth

I was very impressed with the event.  The organizers and team of volunteers are all top-notch.  There were over 35 sponsors and over 700 in attendance.  This event is a well-oiled machine with amazing talks and steady traffic.  About 50% had already checked in on the first day which was only a half day and the reception on the first evening was an excellent opportunity to socialize and network.

The second day, we had some significant traffic, and we also participated in the demo jam.  Although we didn’t win the demo jam, many were in attendance which subsequently brought us a lot of intrigued visitors wanting to learn more about Snapshot.   I wish I could say I attended the talks but I didn’t have time since I was manning a steady flow at the booth and meeting all the great people that attended.  Here is a recap of a couple talks written by a new friend I made at the partner summit.

Will we be going again next year?  Heck yeah! Wouldn’t miss it!

Aside from Dreamforce which we will be attending, we are also participating in Northeast Dreamin’ and Florida Dreamin’.  Come to see us at these events and learn why Snapshot is the only end-to-end change and release management tool!

Visit our website and our AppExchange listing to learn more about Snapshot.

Me at the Trailblazer backdrop

Questions? Send us an email and we are happy to answer. Or, give us a call. + 1 (833) METAZOA (638-2962)

Panel Recap - Demystifying AppExchange: Insider Tips for Success

Last week at TrailheaDX I attended a session called, Demystifying AppExchange: Insider Tips for Success led by Hana Mandapat, Senior director, AppExchage partner marketing at Salesforce.   The session included Jennifer Mercer, our CEO at Metazoa, J.J Jakubik, Chief Architect at Vlocity and Dory Weiss, VP of Engineering at nCino.

Jennifer Mercer at TrailheaDX 2018
Jennifer Mercer explaining our partner success story.

The purpose of the session was to provide partners and potential partners tips and success stories from fellow partners who are currently listed on the AppExchange and leveraging all that the program has to offer.

One of my favorite bits of information from Hanna was the fact that 87% of Salesforce customers use AppExchange apps!  That is a significant number since Salesforce is the leading CRM platform with over 150,000 customers worldwide making it a competitive advantage for any entrepreneur with a great app.

Along with being able to leverage the power of the AppExchange and the ecosystem, Salesforce has a fantastic partnership program that helps drive success by providing training, expert support, documentation, co-marketing opportunities, and a large online community that shares knowledge and experience with others in the community.

Partnership Success

Each panelist shared some of their background on who they are and examples of success from their partnership with Salesforce all with a consistent message of how powerful the platform is making it a no-brainer to build on the platform rather than recreating the wheel. Leveraging the Salesforce partner team has allowed all the partners to create roadmaps with bi-directional input from the Technical Evangelist (TE) team for better positioning and certifications for their development teams.

Hanna pointed out that the Metazoa story is a unique story that truly validates the power of the Salesforce ecosystem.

Jennifer explained that we were initially a company called DreamFactory and the first partner on the AppExchange in 2006. We had about a dozen apps on the AppExchange, but Snapshot was by far our most widely used product. With the success that we were receiving on the AppExchange, we garnered a lot of attention from the VC community. Our VC’s encouraged us to branch out which we did with an API platform. Ultimately, we ended up with two very different sides of the company. Eventually, both parts of the business were acquired. Metazoa, the same team behind the original Snapshot, acquired the snapshot product and all assets, and had a major relaunch with snapshot 2.0.

“Even though we were the first on the AppExhange over ten years ago, we are somewhat new since we are now under a new company and have released a new version of Snapshot 2.0 with a new listing on the AppExchange,” Jennifer said. “One example of how amazing the partnership has been for us is how we were able to get traction without even having a listing or a website completed. We were still working to get our website up and our actual AppExchange listing up, however, we were still able to close some significant deals from some of the Salesforce fortune 500 customers and today, we’re at $2.5M in revenue with over 200 customers – and without funding! That’s a strong testament to the power of the Salesforce ecosystem.”

Hanna asked the panel what was next and how they intend to move forward with the partnership. All three partners said they would be moving forward following the Salesforce trajectory, with a focus on new tools, and technologies.  Here is a great article that highlights the session in more detail.

About Snapshot

Snapshot is a rich desktop application that generates metadata reports, deploys changes from sandbox to production, provides compliance and security reporting, cleans up unused assets, and tracks configuration changes over time.  It is also compatible with Salesforce DX allowing for the creation of scratch orgs on the fly, and integration with developer projects and repositories for building second-generation packages.  To learn more or get a demo, contact us by email, or call +1 (833) METAZOA (638-2962).